Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Are You a True Indian?

Have you ever think about Patriotism? What it takes to be a True Indian Citizen? How can we serve our country? Mind on following points:

1. Do you love to participate in Independence day celebration?
2. Do you participate in Flag hoisting ceremony on 15th Aug and 26th Jan every year?
3. Do you know about the National Holidays' list?
4. Do you identify and know the names and faces of national heroes?
5. Do you love to read out the story of freedom fighters to your kids?

6. Do you know how to sing the national anthem?
7. Do you know about the national song?
8. Do you know about the
             -- national game
             -- national bird
             -- national flower
             -- national animal

9. Do you contribute to any disaster recovery activities?
10 . Do you go to vote for election?
If you answer maximum of the questions in a 'No', then we are sorry to say that you are not a True Indian.
Think about, it's never too late to START to correct our mistakes.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Know Your Place

Do you know the much needed and important details of the place, where you live?
Observe, the given list and find out the details:

  • Name of the M. P.
  • Name of the M. L. A.
  • Name of the Mayor/Gram Pradhan, S. P., or D. S. P.
  • Name and contact number of near by Hospital, police Station and fire station?
  • Whether your place draws some political or tourist interest?
  • Whether there is any historical place, river or library in your city?
  • Whether there is any leading publication house or news agency in your city?
  • Details of the financial institutions at your city.
  • Address and location of the nearby temple, Gurudwara, Church and mosque?
  • Whether your city is associated with birth of any national leader, Writer, business man or any such eminent personality?
  • Details of Good Schools, colleges and any technical Institution situated in your city.
  • Name and the address of any social work organiation or N. G. O. you may like to join.
Acquire the mentioned details from reliable sources. Share the details with your neighbours and any new friends arrives your city after job-transfer. These details should be passed to your children also.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Checklist #1 : Kids School Bag

Do check every mentioned items to be packed with Bag :

1. Books
2. Notebooks
3. Writing instruments
4. Water Bottle
5. Lunch box
6. Handkerchief
7. Any important medicine (If he / she is under treatment).

And send your kid with Smile...

Favourite Musicians

As I have mentioned earlier too, I Love Music. I have learnt Classical singing, got "Prabhakar" certification during 1999. With age, I have developed my likes in Music as per following -

1. Britney Spears
2. Shania Twain
3. Bryan Adams
4. Michel Jackson

Indian Music

1. A.R. rehman
2. Khayyam
3. Shankar Mahadevan
4. Shubha mudagal
5. Kishori Amonkar
6. Pandit Jasraj
7. Sona
8. AAbida parveen
9. Sonu Nigam.
10. Rekha Bharadwaj

Listen them and Enjoy.

Identify The Special Interest Of Your Child.

Every family wishes to be her child a Docter, Engineer , IAS officer, Sachin tendulkar or a Superstar as like Shahrukh khan. My child has an ambition too. He also wish to be a Docter, He also thinks about grooming his younger brother as Scientist.

We should not pressurize our Kids for a specific career choice till the age of 14. Till 14th year, we should groom our kids to be an Allrounder. We should identify their strength , their weakness and their special interests too.

Their special interests may be :

1. Music
2. painting
3. Acting
4. Sports

Another , important point is that If we do not observe any special interest in our child, then it is point of concern.  There may be some thing missing with child's education social life or parents behaviour.

मेरे पसंदीदा गीत (१)

मुझे लता मंगेशकर जी के गाने सुनने बहुत पसंद हैं । पेश हैं चंद मुखड़े उनके गानों के –

१) जाइये आप कहाँ जायेंगे, ये नज़र लौट के फिर आएगी
२) इस मोड़ से जाते हैं, कुछ सुस्त कदम रस्ते
३) पत्ता-पत्ता बूटा बूटा
४) कभी कभी मेरे दिल में ख़्याल आता है
५) तेरी आँखों के सिवा दुनिया में रखा क्या है

आप इन्हें सुनकर इन बारे में अपनी टिप्पणी जरुर दें ।

याद रखें, संगीत तनाव दूर करने का सबसे सुलभ साधन है । आनंद उठायें ।