Sunday, 2 October 2011

Identify The Special Interest Of Your Child.

Every family wishes to be her child a Docter, Engineer , IAS officer, Sachin tendulkar or a Superstar as like Shahrukh khan. My child has an ambition too. He also wish to be a Docter, He also thinks about grooming his younger brother as Scientist.

We should not pressurize our Kids for a specific career choice till the age of 14. Till 14th year, we should groom our kids to be an Allrounder. We should identify their strength , their weakness and their special interests too.

Their special interests may be :

1. Music
2. painting
3. Acting
4. Sports

Another , important point is that If we do not observe any special interest in our child, then it is point of concern.  There may be some thing missing with child's education social life or parents behaviour.

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