Monday, 3 October 2011

Know Your Place

Do you know the much needed and important details of the place, where you live?
Observe, the given list and find out the details:

  • Name of the M. P.
  • Name of the M. L. A.
  • Name of the Mayor/Gram Pradhan, S. P., or D. S. P.
  • Name and contact number of near by Hospital, police Station and fire station?
  • Whether your place draws some political or tourist interest?
  • Whether there is any historical place, river or library in your city?
  • Whether there is any leading publication house or news agency in your city?
  • Details of the financial institutions at your city.
  • Address and location of the nearby temple, Gurudwara, Church and mosque?
  • Whether your city is associated with birth of any national leader, Writer, business man or any such eminent personality?
  • Details of Good Schools, colleges and any technical Institution situated in your city.
  • Name and the address of any social work organiation or N. G. O. you may like to join.
Acquire the mentioned details from reliable sources. Share the details with your neighbours and any new friends arrives your city after job-transfer. These details should be passed to your children also.


  1. Many points are related with current affairs section of my GK. Thank you for reminding.

  2. Very informative post. Thanks.

  3. I will check knowledge of my grandson using this list.

    Ramesh Agrawal

  4. I have just shifted to Gorakhpur, following the list.

    Mohd. Sameer.

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